• Where are you based?
    I grew up in Ahwaz, Iran. But I now call Geelong, Australia home. I have been constantly on the road, shooting weddings and events.
  • How much does it cost to travel to our wedding?
    It actually is cheaper than you think and the travel can be very affordable. If your wedding is further than 2 hours from Geelong, then just ask for a travel quote when you send your enquiry.
  • How do we book you?
    Easy! Send me an email and see if your wedding date is still available. If it is and you are happy with my packages, then I will send you out a deposit invoice and a contract to sign. That’s it! Super easy. I am more than happy to catch up for a coffee and a chat anytime!
  • Can we meet you before the big day?
    We sure can. I love to meet all my clients before the wedding. If that is not possible because of distance, then Skype is always a great option.
  • When will I receive my photographs?
    You will expect to receive your photographs around 4 weeks after the wedding.
  • What do we receive?
    You will receive the images that I have carefully selected, edited and finished. The photos will be sized for print, so you can print your photos as many times as you like. They will also be resized for social media and email. So you can share your images as soon as you get them.
  • How about same -sex marriage?
    Australia has finally legalized same-sex weddings and we definitely had the champagne out. I am looking forward to shooting some in Australia as time comes.
    We don’t really like wedding photos where the couple are posing and forcing the smiling in every photo, We like the natural candid photos a lot more!
    I feel the same way. I won’t be making you smile for every photo. In fact you won’t notice that I am there for most of the day. When it comes to the couples portraits, I can give enough direction so you feel comfortable and not to much so you are still looking very natural.
  • Do you prefer flash photography or natural light?
    I love natural light! Natural light helps preserve the real mood and feeling at the wedding. I love using the light that I have to make the best of a situation. Of course, I use flash when it gets too dark at night.
    I want some of my photographs to be exclusive and not used on the website. Is that a problem?
    Not at all. I have a password-protected area on my website. Everything can be private if that is what you wish.
  • How much is the deposit? Is it refundable and how quick will I have to pay it?
    It is advisable to pay the deposit as soon as you make your final decision. This deposit secures the date for your booking. The deposit is $500 and is non-refundable.
  • When do I have to pay the whole amount?
    The outstanding amount is due at least 2 weeks before the wedding date. I can also help with a payment plan.
  • Do you shoot with a second photographer? Or do you ever have an assistant?
    I sometimes use a second shooter. It depends on the size and complexity of the wedding. A second shooter is available for most weddings at a separate fee. I sometimes use an assistant, I will notify you before bringing anyone to your wedding.
  • Have you ever cancelled a booking or not shown up to a wedding?
    Never ever ever! And I plan on keeping it that way. If for some reason I really could not shoot your wedding for what ever reason, I do have a backup plan for that situation.
  • I have questions for you but are not listed here?
    Please get in touch!

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